Laser Marquetry Gallery

Welcome to my Laser Marquetry page!

I must tell you that I am very excited about the opportunity to bring the public truly unique one of a kind pieces at affordable prices . I have always been fascinated and appreciative of the handwork involved with Marquetry and Intarsia. I myself have made several personal pieces. The problem is that using real wood makes most projects unaffordable for the average person. So what to people do…. you guessed ……….it they substitute real woods for woods that are actually stained.

My solution is to combine the best of both worlds. All of my laser art projects utilize real wood and in most cases exotic wood veneers that are unaffordable in 3/4″ thickness!. Each piece is laser cut for perfect fit , and hand assembled from REAL WOOD veneers. Each piece is hand assembled by me and can be applied to any thickness of wood you prefer.

Below you will find projects made by me. With the laser, fit will be the same every time.. It should be noted that although similar, every project will have its on wood characteristics making each one a truly unique piece of artwork.

At Engler Engraving I will take the time to help you find a source for a design or I can create it myself. just send me and email greg @

This page displays designs that I have already made. I will Be posting projects here on a regular basis

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