Bone Yard


Welcome to my Bone Yard !

Over the years, I have done so many things that even I have forgotten some of the designs I have done. And many of the things if have done have never been seen by anyone except the people I have made them for. I am for the first time allowing

Free Access

to anyone to enter my online bone yard which will display 100's of engraving design ideas or products. Hopefully, it will inspire you to have something engraved. But i need to establish some rules

  1. There will be no real organization to this section of the site look at it as an engraving "Flee Market". You are free to look around. But Please don't break anything while you are in there LOL.

  2. If you are an engraver, certainly look around and if you feel the need to "Use" on of my ideas or drawings and It makes you some money. Contact me on and leave me a tip. If you would like to have the vector Corel files of any of my designs. I will usually provide for either a swap of a cool design or minimal fee.

  3. If while you are in the bone yard, you find something of interest contact me on Etsy with a custom order request make me a reasonable price offer, and I will try to make it happen for you.

  4. I plan to add new stuff often. New additions will be towards the bottom.